The Magic of Incense

The Mother’s Fragrances Incense BoxIncense has been used for thousands of years and was common to many ancient cultures – usually as part of religious worship or as a luxury for the rich.

Today, incense is burned for a variety of reasons. Individual fragrances can have a positive effect on your emotions:

  • Roses and Violets will make you feel happy.
  • Lotus and Vanilla are other joyful fragrances.
  • If you want to work or study, try Musk, which encourages activity.
  • Amber helps you to relax.
  • Sandalwood stimulates intuition and meditation.
  • Passion Flower is a fragrance that inspires creativity.

The best incense is made only from natural ingredients. That’s why we are now stocking The Mother’s Fragrances Incense. This outstanding, fairly traded incense is hand-rolled and completely avoids dipping in chemicals.

How is Incense made?
A variety of scented flowers, herbs, leaves, essential oils, resins and wood powders or charcoal are blended with water to form a dough. Every fragrance has its own mix of ingredients. A tree resin which has adhesive properties is added to the mixture as a binding agent. The dough is rolled onto thin slivers of bamboo and allowed to dry in the shade. The result is a light and clean burning incense, with just enough smoke to carry the fragrance, but not cloud the room.

The scents of flowers are generally subtle and delicate. Charcoal, which burns without a scent of its own is therefore used for the floral fragrances. These sticks are black. The brown sticks contain a variety of wood powders and herbs and are used to create more woody fragrances like amber and sandalwood.

Fragrances are often associated with memories, emotions and feelings and can be used to bring these back to you. Individual fragrances will affect different people in different ways. It is exciting to experiment and find out which one is best for you to burn at different times of the day, which fragrance contributes to your health, your learning abilities, your intuition and emotional development and which one is best to give to a friend. You could start experimenting using our box with mini sticks of 21 different fragrances, and use this guide to determine which fragrance will suit you for a particular mood or situation:

Restful Fragrances:
Lavender, Amber, Sandalwood, Wild Flower
Inspiring Fragrances:
Passionflower, Autumn Leaves, Evening Rose
Happy Fragrances:
Roses and Violets, Lotus, Vanilla
Purifying Fragrances:
Spicewood, Sandalwood, Lotus, Jasmine
Fragrances for Children:
Roses and Violets, Musk (helps with homework)
Adventurous Fragrances:
Oriental Rose, Passionflower, Musk
Fragrances for Meditation:
Sandalwood, Lotus, Amber, Opium
Ancient Fragrances:
Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Gardenia

How to use Incense
Incense sticks must be put in an incense holder and then lit. Blow the flame out after a few seconds. The heat of the smouldering stick evaporates the oils and burns the powders, releasing a pleasant fragrance. Always place the incense holder on a secure and fireproof surface. Be careful with flames and never leave burning incense unattended.

The Mother’s Fragrances Incense is available as mini sticks in sample and gift boxes. I feel this is the most economic way for you to try all the wonderful fragrances and choose your favourites over time:

Box of 21 Packs of Mother’s Fragrances Incense Mini Sticks
Box of 21 Packs of Mother’s Fragrances Incense Mini Sticks with Wooden Holder  (gift box)
Box of 12 Packs of Mother’s Fragrances Incense Mini Sticks

We also stock the best ever Nag Champa Incense, genuinely fair-trade and free from artificial and chemical additives.

Now is a good time to stock up on the most delicious fragrances and make your home smell like heaven with natural scents free from chemicals.

Needless to say I love using this incense in my own home, and it has become my firm favourite. I feel confident that you will enjoy it, too.

Warmest wishes,


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