Crystals & Gemstones: Mystical Hematite

Hematite Rose Quartz BraceletHematite is the mineral form of iron oxide. It’s metallic dark grey in colour, magnetic and cool to the touch. The name ‘hematite’ derives from the Greek word meaning ‘blood’ as it can be red in its powdered form. Hematite jewellery was very popular in the Victorian era, when doctors believed it to improve blood disorders.

Hematite has been used for thousands of years; in ancient Egypt it was turned into magical amulets, and the Romans associated Hematite with Mars, their God of War. Roman soldiers are said to have used it during battle for protection. Coincidentally, this mineral stone has been found in large quantities on the planet Mars in 2001 by the NASA 2001 Odyssey spacecraft, which is still orbiting Mars today.

Hematite is said to be a good grounding stone, helping to improve resistance to life’s stresses. Its shiny metallic lustre may deflect negative energies. In crystal healing books, Hematite is recommended when facing confrontations as it is thought to boost confidence and stimulates concentration and focus.

In American folklore, hematite was used as a remedy for alcohol abuse. In fact, it is said to help to break the cycle of all kinds of addictions including smoking and over-eating.

If you have an allergy to metal, then you may well be able to wear hematite jewellery as it doesn’t contain any nickel, which is the main cause for adverse skin reactions.

Wear a hematite necklace to relieve tension in the neck, upper back and shoulders. A hematite bracelet is said to increase the wearer’s magnetism – so wear one, if you are looking for love!

Of course, the healing properties of crystals in general are not scientifically proven, but why not try it out? At least we can enjoy their beauty.

Hematite Jewellery

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

Quartz Crystal SkullSkulls have always been one of the most powerful symbols in human history across the world and all civilisations throughout time. Skulls are symbols of death in many cultures but also signify knowledge and intellect. One of archaeology’s most fascinating mysteries is that of the 13 Crystal Skulls, which is believed to have originated in South America.

In recent times, the 13 Crystal Skulls have been connected to the Mayan calendar, which ends on 21/12/2012 after the 13th baktun (Mayan term for calendar cycle). Why the Mayan calendar ends on that particular day is another mystery, but most likely it is connected with an astronomical event in our galaxy, which may have a huge impact on mankind and our planet. It is speculated that if the 13 skulls are reunited by that date, they will save us from a terrible fate and even help us ascend to a new level of wisdom and understanding.

In Numerology, the number 13 is controversial; whereas some cultures consider it an unlucky number, in Judaism it is regarded as holy. In oriental cultures it is even connected with good luck and new activities ahead.Tarot trump no. 13 is Death, which relates to transformation rather than physical death, so perhaps we find some answers in the Tarot, why it is 13 skulls and not any other number. We can hope that the 21st December 2012 will herald a phase of transformation rather than death and destruction. There is also the theory that the 13 skulls represent 13 habitable planets (including Earth), which can be found in our and nearby solar systems.

There are more speculations about the origins of the 13 crystal skulls. Firstly, they may have been created by an advanced civilisation in the ancient past, such as Atlantis. Another theory as previously mentioned is that the Mayans created them in connection with their calendar, so when the skulls are found and reunited, mankind can be saved. Some people believe that they have been created by extraterrestrials. There is no conclusive evidence about the true origins of the 13 skulls.

There are some interesting facts:

Eight crystals skulls have so far been found. However, it is impossible to carbon-date quartz crystal, so experts cannot be sure, when they were made or if they are fakes.

The skulls are all life-size with incredible detail. Large pieces of quartz crystal to create life-size skulls are rare, which makes these pieces priceless.

In an experiment, people, who held their hands on one of the crystal skulls, experienced a rise in body temperature, which may suggest that energy is transmitting from the skull.

Quartz crystal is the same material used in the manufacture of silicone microchips, which are used to digitally store information. That’s why some people believe that the quartz crystals contain information and secrets about the universe.

Many people are intrigued and fascinated by the enigma of the 13 crystal skulls, so it is no wonder that even smaller crystal and gemstone skulls have become very popular collectors’ items. Apparently, when a piece of quartz crystal or other gemstone is carved into a skull, something strange happens; the energy of the skull is moving in frequency, which can affect the electromagnetic field around our body, i.e. the aura and make us more receptive.

People, who own and collect crystal skulls, are called “skull keepers” or “care givers”. They believe that a spirit dwells inside the skull, which needs nurturing and taken care of. In return, through meditation the spirit of the skull may reveal its name and even profound wisdom from the past or other worlds to its keeper.

Crystal carved into skulls is also said to have enhanced healing power.

Whatever the truth behind the legend of the 13 crystal skulls, perhaps one day its secret will be revealed, but until then let it feed your imagination.

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