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Messages from Mother Earth Crystal Divination Cards & Crystal Kit


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mother earth crystal divination cards add onsIf you love crystals and would like to learn more about these wonderful stones, then you will be delighted with the Messages from Mother Earth crystal divination cards by Jacqueline Winters.

The beautifully illustrated colour crystal cards introduce you to the magickal world of crystal lore by showing each crystal’s properties together with inspirational and empowering messages.

In addition to enhancing your knowledge on crystals, you can also use this deck for meditation and divination.

Full instructions are included.

messages from mother earth clear quartz oracle cardThe boxed Messages from Mother Earth card deck includes:

  • 44 full colour 4″x 6″ crystal divination cards
  • How to use card
  • Three cards suggesting layouts or meditations on chakra balancing, meridian flow balance and clearing the mind
  • Two author / illustrator information cards

This special set also includes:

  • one snowflake obsidian tumble stone (black with white spots)
  • one amethyst tumble stone (purple)
  • one citrine tumble stone (yellow)
  • one clear quartz crystal (white)
  • one fluorite tumble stone (green/purple)
  • one rose quartz pocket angel (pink)
  • Nag Champa incense
  • one lotus flower t-light (colour may vary)
  • a jute storage bag

mother earth crystal divination cards jute bagThis is a lovely set to get you started on your crystal healing journey and build your crystal collection.

I have only created a few sets with carefully selected crystals and complementary accessories, so please order quickly before they are sold out.


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