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The Magical Menagerie Oracle Set


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The Magical Menagerie Oracle Set – Personal Power Through Animal Energies

This boxed set includes the Magical Menageries Oracle deck (42 cards), a black organza bag, and a 168-page instruction book.

The Magical Menagerie

Long ago, many cultures relied on real and mythical animal spirits for guidance. Based on ancient Greek and Celtic oracles, the Magical Menagerie is a divination system for today.

Combining the primary elements (earth, air, fire and water) with animal spirits, this modern oracle is a helpful tool for self-exploration, problem-solving, magickal work and divination. Each card represents a spiritual entity and an associated elemental quality.

The 42-card deck includes common animals, fantastic beasts (unicorns, centaurs, dragons, etc.), elementals (gnomes, undines, sylphs) a fetch and quintessence (the fifth element).

Detailed descriptions of each card, a history of the elements, spreads, and sample readings are provided in the companion guide to the Magical Menagerie.

A magickal divination set for beginners and adepts alike.



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