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Cosmic Journaling Oracle Deck


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cosmic journaling oracleThe Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck consists of 65 cards, which you can use to explore and divine your life.

The simple yet powerful keywords trigger a range of thoughts, ideas and emotions, and therefore make ideal journaling prompts.

Through their exploration you can define your own individual meaning for each card.

The keywords are timeless and universal – no woo jargon or new age fluff.

This will help you connect with the Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck intuitively, so it can become a trusted guide on your life journey for self-exploration, divination and practising everyday mindfulness.

Mini size cards – 45 x 60 mm – ideal to take on your travels, to the coffee shop, work, uni etc.

Limited edition

**** Buy the printed copy of this deck, and receive the digital version for free, when it is available end of March 2016 ****

Learn more about this deck on Cosmic Faery’s Tarot

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